Mexico Ratifies USMCA, Takes Crucial Step Forward

Mexico took a “crucial step forward” today with ratification of the USMCA Agreement, said United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer

“The USMCA is the strongest and most advanced trade agreement ever negotiated. It is good for the United States, Mexico, and Canada in a way that truly benefits our workers, farmers, and businesses. The USMCA’s ratification by Mexico is a crucial step forward, and I congratulate President López Obrador and the Mexican Senate on this historic achievement.”

Lighthizer stressed that long sought after labor reforms included in the agreement are implemented and enforced:

“I commend the Mexican Congress and President Lopez Obrador for passing historic labor reforms as part of this agreement and thank President Trump for making strong labor commitments in the USMCA a top priority.  These reforms will greatly improve Mexico’s system of labor justice and are exactly what labor leaders in the United States and Mexico have sought for decades.  As we move forward with the ratification of USMCA, the Trump Administration will work closely with members of the United States Congress and the Mexican government to ensure these reforms are implemented and enforced.”